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The construction of dryer is made of shape steel plate. The chamber of dryers is made of stainless steel. The insulation area of dryer is composed by ceramic fibers strata based on aluminum oxide and circulation air, thus heat lossiness are on minimum. Dryer door opens rotationally and they are filled with adequate insulations.Door surface to the dryer chamber is made of stainless steel.Dryers are made with and without ventilator depending on customers request.The heaters are made by doped electro-resistant wire “kanthal A1”.Dryer is dyed with electrostatic sediment and fried in chamber.


Model: SU


Regulation:  Digital thermo regulator or digital micro processing programator.


Max. temperature: T=300°C



Dryers for ortopedy:

Dryers with perforce circulation air:

Thermoregulation with auto regulation air flow.

Max. temperature to: T=300°C