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The firm “ELEKTRON” was established 1986. and located in Banja Koviljaca. Following new technological attainments and trends of development in the world, we have practicability to offer you all types and configurations of electric furnaces. We applied experience from abroad on our market, and became leader in this area in our country.
According to newest world norms we produce:
Electric furnaces for high temperature

-Equipment for dental technology
-Water baths
-Sand baths
-Laboratory hot plates
-Equipment for laboratories cement factory
-Laboratory refrigeration chambers
-Special purpose heaters
-And many other thermal devices and lines

Basic characters of our firm are: regularity, precision and high quality products. The firm follow world attainments in this area and apply all of that.
For production of furnaces we use contemporaries and high quality materials which are producing into the world.
The firm invests in our own technological development and production of electronic plants, insulation materials as well as variety elements of technical ceramics which are necessary for our products.
Wide compass satisfied users of our products are: many laboratories for technical analysis of materials, school, dental laboratories and institutions, medical institutions, many institutes and technological faculties, foundries, annealments for thermal treatment of steel, firms and institutions for production decorative, useful, sanitary, photo and technical ceramics.
And in the future firm's ambition is to accept and convey contemporary production technologies which satisfy newest quality standards of products.
For all our products we provide service, maintenance and professional advice to our clients and full customer care and warranty.